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Integration solutions Finereader/FormReader/TestReader CRM based on FAST searching solution


Infrastructure solutions systems (up to 20 000 users) on Exchange/Sendmail (up to 20 000 users) Hyper-V/VMWare ESX (up to 400 hosts), telephony integration


Implemented solutions (end-to-end development) procurement system for TNK-BP (Microsoft) / portfolio management for TNK-BP management system for TNK-BP management for TNK-BP solutions for  geological and geophysical data (TNK-BP/MCS) audit decisions tracking (ДЭУП TNK-BP/MCS) tracking solution for audit/finance services for TNK-BP (Microsoft) resource estimations management solution for TNK-BP (Microsoft) inventory reporting for TNK-BP(Microsoft) electronic consultant (Microsoft) portal address book (Microsoft) content resource РУКОНТ and content collection system КОНТЕКСТУМ Ruс booking/management  corporate solution integration scenario management system prototype for Surgutneftegas (via Microsoft) storage for Sberbank museum for Sberbank reporting system for Russian post sclerosis patients cure tracking system management solution for TNK-BP /Rosneft (Microsoft) service bus for Moscow government collection solution for smart metering devices cloud for Sayany