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Knowledge management system “Iknow” for TNK-BP

Core functions capture and sharing of organizational expertise; of communities and forums to enable  collaboration across professional areas; management; and solutions repository, forum moderation and discussions; publication; search through the entire system content.’s for knowledge management

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Risk Management System for TNK-BP

Core functions management process automation; management repository; to risk management informational resources; rights and roles management and visual risk data presentations


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Geological and geophysical search engine for ТNК-BP

Core functions searches across various data sources; information categorization as per the corporate data classification; information classification according as per customizable rules; search with step-by-step correction; of retrieved information (more than 500 data formats, including LAS/LIS/SEG-Y); to work with data arrays >40Tb and >2 mln files; for further product customizations as per the client’s requirements; into existing  IT infrastructure.
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Timesheet for TNK-BP

Core functions
The system is designed to capture, store, aggregate and analyze data by the Corporate Finance and Accounting departments: daily labor expenditures; time distribution across operations and client projects ; effectiveness using quantitative indicators; bookkeeping and accounting functions;
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Audit decision tracking system

Core functions management database for TNK-BP; for document sharing and management; for tracking project performance recommendations; of access to project data based on the approved role model.
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Smart metering devices information collection system for Sayny

Core functions and collecting measurements from water, electrical and heat meters; and analytics for resource usage across single and multiple units, i.e. buildings, offices or apartments; role administration to enable or restrict data visibility; trail of users’ activities.
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Core functions
The system is designed to support business processes for aggregation and distribution of digital content (books, periodicals, audio-video files, programs.) of relationships with the right holders (license agreements, personal cabinet with statistics); network management; download and storage, full-text content search, online reading; relationship management automation (B2B and B2C); of payment processing for providing access and calculation of compensation for all participants in the sales chain; of relationships with partners and content providers.
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Data bus/events exchange system for Moscow government

Core functions information system that contains all the information about supervised objects functions of events exchange sub-system ( a part of ЕЦХД): events from external systems (up to 300 reports per second); processing and storage of event information; and regular update of corporate data classification system; of horizontal scaling (Service-2-Service) data access scenarios with GIS
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